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    What is earthbound rom? How to play an earthbound game?

    Earthbound is a role-playing video game by Nintendo for its gaming console Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is developed by Ape Inc and Hal Laboratory. The Game was released on August 1994 in Japan and June 1995 in North…

  • tech

    What is a strong VPN and how to check if it’s safe?

    Looking for a strong VPN? Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, have found their place in a lot of small or big businesses where immediate access to any data, by users with credentials and proper clearance is required. Basically, this is…

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    What is epsxe? How to Download and Install it?

    Sony’s original Play Station, popularly known as PSX, offered fantastic games. And if you cannot download your old favorites on your PS3 or PS4, you can play them on your PC! When you download an emulator, a BIOS and a…

  • Adjust Bass in Windows

    How to Increase or Adjust Bass in Windows 10

    You have bought a new speaker for your PC or expensive headphones, but you do not have the expected bass. The problem lies not in the headphones, but in the configuration of your Windows computer. You can easily change the…

  • Check Boot Time in Windows 10

    How to check the last boot time in windows 10

    Many people run their computers for days and months without turning them off. And this applies to both desktops and laptops. Maybe they do not want to wait for Windows to start each time they want to use their computer.…

  • Bing Reverse Image Search

    How to Perform Reverse Image Search in bing

    Bing is an Internet search engine optimized by Microsoft. As a search engine, it helps users find different types of information on the Internet and works in the same way as other search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In…