MetroPCS APN Settings – Step By Step Configuration


The MetroPCS APN settings will help you to fix all your internet issues which are related to data settings. The MetroPCS APN Settings has a guide that contains a detailed explanation about the internet issues that the user face while using the internet.

If the net does not work properly when you buy a new electronic gadget like a mobile phone, or if you are using an old MetroPCS APN Settings which is giving you trouble as a result of the changes in the sim related issues, etc. All of these different data issues can be fixed using the MetroPCS APN Settings.

The APN which is known as Access Point Name is an outstanding modifier that enables linking to the system and it will recognize the access of data that is related to the account. APN is basically the withdrawal from the GPRS or 3G network, it can be through private customer service or through the public Internet.

The APN will connect to your mobile device with the public internet or computer network globally by using 2G, 3G or GPRS. It is very beneficial to speed up the Internet.

Get To Know How MetroPCS APN Works

If the MetroPCS APN Settings has to work properly, give heed to certain internet settings like the text settings. They use capital letters whenever appropriate, know when to use the small letters, the use of the comma, giving space between the words, all these have to be done properly.

The MMS picture message will not function correctly if these instructions are not followed properly. It would be reasonable to delete the settings which are incorrect as per the MetroPCS APN Settings norms.

Once you are connected to the new MetroPCS APN Settings, remember to save that new setting in your mobile device, if you notice that the new MetroPCS APN Settings that you just installed is not functioning, you have to restart your device.

Every single mobile phone has to be done with the configuration to get the benefit from the Internet settings, which is known as the APN settings. If not, you will encounter many issues related to using the data, sending text messages, etc.

So you definitely will need to have the correct APN settings on your mobile. All the messenger networks will possess an APN setting, to differentiate cellular networks and the internet. An appropriate APN setting is very essential to secure the connection of the internet.

Get To Know How To Access Internet Speed

To enjoy the high-speed internet you have to update the APN settings appropriately, to solve the data connection issues to get back the speed of the internet.

By using the step by step configuration of Metropcs APN Settings, you can fix all your network related issues you can use GPRS, MMS or the APN settings. When you update with the latest and valid MetroPCS APN Settings to use in your mobile device, it will enable you to connect to the high-speed 3G or 4G ad even the LTE network.

The MetroPCS in the United States is the famous prepaid wireless service provider, who provides text, voice services, mobile data services with high-speed internet.

How To Configure The APN settings Of MetroPCS

The MetroPCS wireless service users have to make use of the following APN values:

  • First, give the Name as MetroPCS
  • Mention the APN as
  • The Port is not Required
  • Proxy us also not Required
  • The username, password, and server are Not Required as well
  • MMSC:
  • You can leave the MMS port blank
  • MNC: 16
  • MCC: 310

Next comes the type of Authentication:

  • The Type of APN is the default, supl, MMS,
  • The APN Protocol is IPv4
  • APN Roaming Protocol is Bearer

Once you finished entering the settings that are provided by the carrier, Save the APN by clicking on the menu option and select “Save”. Select the Name that has been created by you, the signal bars will be visible with various connections like 3G, 4G, H, E, G, an indication will be shown that you have been connected to the Internet.

Checking the APN settings in the Mobile

In the mobile phone, to connect to the internet you need to use MetroPCS APN Settings and examine the value that needs to be used. For Android settings, you need to go to the Settings then the wireless connections, mobile networks, and the access point names. Click on the menu button and give the new APN. You need to restart your smartphone.

The New Network Settings for MetroPCS

After the APN information has been secured, generate the latest APN settings. The data on your phone might be lost while it gets linked to the new network settings.

Restart your phone if necessary in case you have lost the connection. There might be two separate access for MMS as well as additional data that the provider has in two different APN. You will probably need just one APN setting many times.

How To Change The APN Setting

When you install the APN setting in your mobile device you can obtain the internet connection at a high speed. When the internet is slow, this could be the best solution to boost Internet speed.

Based on the kind of connectivity and the data plan the providers of the network will give the appropriate APN settings. The operators will revise the MetroPCS APN settings in your mobile device. By giving the Access point name that has been provided by the concerned support team.


After the use of MetroPCS APN settings to increase your data speed, to set the MMS, SMS and fix the data-related issues, your device is now ready.

You will now be able to set the data saver, oversee how much of the data is used, any of the warnings in the phone settings, etc. By editing the APN settings you can get the benefit to enjoy the high-speed internet.

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