EarthBound ROM for Super Nintendo SNES Latest Version Download

EarthBound is a Classic Retro game. To those who are so awaited to play such classic games and particularly EarthBound, this site is for you. With the help of Emulators, we are going to re-create your memorable childhood.

I bet you! This would be one of the most funfilled and exciting RPG that you have ever played. In this article, we will be providing the working EarthBound ROM for Super Nintendo. You can download and install it.

About EarthBound

I hope you will be familiar with the game series ‘Mother’. It consists of three role-playing video games

  • Mother – for Famicom.
  • Mother 2 – for Super NES.
  • Mother 3 – for GBA (Game Boy Advance).

Here we gonna see about the game Mother 2 which is popularly known as EarthBound. This is quite different from the standard RPG setting of SNES that follows the story of Ness.

Game description:

Those who are new to this game will have this question… What actually the game is? and Why this is so popular?

First, we tell you why this game is so popular… It is quite exciting to immerse yourself in a really fun game, with cute quirky characters which have physic powers, vast places to explore, and with a high-level combat system featuring yo-yos and dirty socks. Sounds pretty cool right…

Now here we go, What actually the game is?
The Earth is under alien invasion. Yes, a strange group of aliens known as Giygas has invaded the earth. The hero of the game is a young boy named Ness. He and his three friends are gifted with superpowers and they are the only hope to save the earth. You have to hunt down the aliens and have to send them back.

In the journey, you will be armed with the baseball bat and superpowers. You have to hit the roads and search for those extraterrestrial creatures. Meanwhile, you would need to tackle all kinds of weird characters, that will help you and will provide you with high-tech gadgets and other items to survive. It’s exactly like, you are the savior now and the fate of the earth is in your hands.

Emulators and Roms for Earthbound

To play your favorite old school console games on your computer and other devices, you require the following two things.

  • Emulator: This is a piece of software that acts as a platform to install and run these classic games.
  • ROM: It is actually a ripped copy of the original game cartridge or disc.

To be more clear, an emulator is like a program that runs on your system and the ROM is the file you install in it. Where can you find these emulators? In most of the cases, these emulators are available online for free.

Earthbound ROM supported Emulators

Have you ever longed to play your favorite retro console games on your Mobile or PC? This is where emulators help us. There are certain emulators that are not only good but also extremely stable and provide the games with high-level graphics. The below mentioned are emulators that support the EarthBound RPG.

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Game Boy Advance (GBA)
  • Wii U

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

SNES was a 16-bit video game console, released by Nintendo in Japan. This is one of the best selling gaming consoles of its era, despite a late start and competition from the Sega Genesis. There is a list of retro SNES emulators to play your ROMS on your Computer and Smartphones. We recommend the top and popular versions of SNES emulators like

Game Boy Advance (GBA)

GBA is quite familiar and is one of the most portable consoles of all time. The credits for its popularity goes to the Smartphones that took up such a large part of the market, as most of the Android owner would take interest in playing their favorite retro games on their phones. The sheer power of Android has attained a drastic increase, as a result, it can now emulate even the consoles like the GameCube. Some of the popular and reliable GBA emulator versions are

Wii U emulator

This console was developed and launched by Nintendo. Wii U console is considered to the successor of the popular Nintendo Wii console. It took place in the eighth generation video game consoles, along with Sony’s PS$, and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Wii U was the first Nintendo Console that supports HD/4K graphics. It supports Keyboard input + USB controller. Gamepad touch and Gyro functionality can be controlled via mouse.

How to Install EarthBound ROM on Emulator

Every emulator is built on different platforms. But one common thing that is familiar with all these emulators is that they let you load ROMs.

How to install an emulator and ROMs

In general, these emulators do not come with installers, like the way other Windows software does. Instead, these programs are portable and come in a folder with all the necessary files that need to run the emulator. Here we will show you the installation using SNES.

  • First, you need to download the emulator files from the above-given links. It will be available in a zip file format.
  • Then you have to unzip the folder.
  • Now double-click the .exe file in that folder. An empty black window screen will open. That’s it, you have installed the emulator successfully.

Time to Load Roms

  • You need to download the Earthbound ROM.
  • Then, go to the emulator. Click File >> Open and browse for the ROM file.
  • Open it up and it will start to run immediately.
  • Not all emulators will allow you to use external input. You can also configure your own console controls.

Note: Download the respective Rom file for each emulator.

Heros of the Story

The first and main character of the game. He is a kid with psychic powers like the ability to heal and affect cosmic events. Ness, a strong physical fighter, equipped with a baseball bat as his primary weapons. Ness can revive and restore the full health of the entire team within a few turns, even without healing items. The only weakness of Ness is his Homesickness. In that state, he will ignore battle commands. It can be rectified by calling Ness’mom using any telephone.

She might look cute and sweet, but Paula packs quite a wallop with frying pan and she is known for her strong psychic attacks. Although she is physically weak, she is a master in offensive PSI ability and typically has the largest pool of Psychic points on the team. She can use PSI- shield, the only ability which can block and reflect any PSI attacks.

Jeff is the son of a famous scientist. The unique skill of him is to use complicated machines and gadgets. His tech-savvy power will let to use the weapons he repairs. He equips Guns as his primary weapons. The “Spy” command allows him to track on a single enemy’s stats as well as any potential weakness to specific PSI attacks. Along with that, this command makes Jeff, to steal any of the items from an enemy.

A humble and modest prince with mysterious psychic powers, the ability to handle the sword with skill, offers great strength and spirituality to the team and an awesome topknot. His special command is to Mirror certain enemies, which turns himself into a clone of that enemy and allows him to use that enemy’s special abilities. He also has a high resistance to PSI-attacks based on Fire and Freeze.


  • The bright spot of EarthBound ‘s gameplay is its battle initiation. Instead of entering into a random battle, you will be able to see the enemies right on the screen while roaming.
  • The very innovative part that is not found in other RPGs is, What follows when Ness runs into the enemies.
    • When Ness and an enemy run into each other head-on – Normal battle occur.
    • When Ness is behind an enemy – the enemies get a preemptive strike.
    • The best part is, When the Ness party grows stronger – battles don’t even take place.

Controls and movements are quite simple, but actions that are performed outside the battle can be a little hassle. The overall gameplay is a little mess, but it has enough bright spots to keep the game playable. EarthBound ROM is a unique game and is better than most of the games out there.

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