Best PUBG FPS Settings To Boost Your FPS

Not only that, you have an advantage over players who don’t use optimal graphics. Here’s a great set of tips and advice on this topic.

On the contrary, many players think that graphics can have a major impact on the game. Play the game with wrong settings and becomes a nightmare. But if you follow our advice and use the right settings, you can improve game performance and enjoy the game without any technical issues.

Best PUBG FPS Settings

FPS (Frames per Second), the higher the number, the better the gaming experience. To get the best FPS, professional PUBG players upgrade both their gaming device (especially PC) and their PUBG gaming system.

Typically, you should target 60 FPS if you want better gaming performance and smoother images. If your device has system limitations, go with an FPS but not less than 30. This should be more convenient and playable.

Benefits Of High PUBG FPS

  • Fast graphics processing.
  • Smooth motion.
  • No lag.
  • Excellent video and graphic detail.

We have listed you with some of the best PUBG FPS settings you should check on.

Display resolution: Just set it up on your computer and in the game. For most gaming systems, the resolution of 1920 X 1080 is excellent. If you are planning a large expansion screen set, you can experiment with different screen solutions until you find the best layout for your screen.

Screen Brightness: The 50-70 level is best if you want to see the intricate details of the game. If your screen has too few reflections, it can be difficult to distinguish the color of the terrain and your enemies.

Anti-aliasing: This system is designed to make your graphics more realistic by smoothing the irregular edges of the screen. This is a good technique for making your graphics more realistic, which will actually reduce your overall FPS. You can set it to “too low”.

Window mode and screen scale: Set the window mode to “full screen” and the screen size to 100. This ensures that the game uses every inch of your screen. This is similar to the “zoom” function.

For example, if you see low-resolution graphics on a high-resolution screen, you end up with a darker screen. Correct window mode and screen scale settings prevent this from happening.

Step To Increase FPS To Optimize PUBG

Let’s see how to increase the PUBG FPS setting thereby optimizing the computer for the better gaming experience.

  • Launch the game on your system.
  • Go to the settings option and select the Graphics Tab.
  • Scroll down and you will find the advanced settings option.
  • Now change the Setting as follow
    • Screen scale: 100 – 103.
    • Effects: Very Low
    • Foliage: Very Low
    • Motion Blur: Off
    • Post-Processing: Low
    • Shadows: Low
    • Textures: High
    • V-Sync: Off
    • View Distance: Very Low
  • Save the settings and restart the game.

Other PUBG FPS setting:

It’s easy to get possessed with trying to achieve high FPS. But that not enough you need to be smart enough. There are other practical pieces of stuff that can improve your PUBG FPS without getting too technical.

  1. Clear/ Delete the unused programs and files on your computer.
  2. Close other applications running on the background.
  3. Adjust the power options. Go the power option in All control panel settings and set for a High-performance radio button.
  4. Upgrade your device specification.

GOSU AI Assistant

We have learned some incredible strategies to improve your graphics FPS, but what about your gaming technology at PUBG?

It is important that you know where to land on the map, and where you can get maximum loot with the lowest level of acceptable risk.

This is where a tool called GOSU AI Assistant helps you. This wizard helps you to analyze if your destination sites are good or not. This will help you get post-game data on your game so you can improve it next time.

So we have suggested you with some ideas to optimize your PUBG FPS settings without going much technical. So try this out share your gameplay experience. If you have any better suggestions feel free to share with us.

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