How to Unblock Netflix With VPN

Netflix lately announced that they plan to block custom VPN, Proxy, and DNS users who try to access their content from another country. The good news: Watching Netflix through a VPN will become more complicated, but it will still be possible.

Netflix is ​​not alone in this battle against VPNs: the Hulu service, for example, offers video on demand in the US and has been tracking VPN users for longer than Netflix. If you visit Hulu while connected to a popular VPN service, you will see a message telling you that Hulu content is only available in the US. So how do you do it?

Unblock Netflix: Some VPNs Still Work

Many VPN services still manage to bypass Netflix’s limitations: By regularly changing IP addresses and implementing new methods with each response from Netflix. Paid VPN services manage to ensure an always-functional connection with Netflix. There are so many VPNs and proxies on the market, and Netflix cannot block them all. The trick is to find which service works and will help to unblock Netflix.

Fortunately, I have tested many VPN services for you, and here are the three best VPNs I recommend for Netflix. 

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In my testing, ExpressVPN ranked first in unblocking Netflix to many destinations. Whether you want to unblock the US or Canadian content from France or French content from abroad, this is the best VPN service in my tests.


In second place in my ranking, the famous NordVPN is everywhere on the internet at the moment. Their service is also very efficient, and their VPN allows access to the US and Canada catalog from France.


This is the VPN to unblock Netflix with the best value for money in my ranking. It unblocks many destinations such as ExpressVPN and offers specialized servers for Netflix and other video-on-demand services (BBC, Hulu…). This is the one I recommend for beginners who do not want to spend too much despite the performance being a little worse than the first two.

Discover the most simplified and efficient way to unblock Netflix US, Canada, UK, Japan, Korea, and other catalogs worldwide using a VPN.

This tutorial shows us how to set up a VPN, change your IP address and bypass Netflix blocks to access all US, Canadian, Japanese, Korean series (and more) while being in your country. 

How to Unblock Netflix With a VPN

Here we have used Express VPN as an example. Express VPN offers fast, secure, and above all one of the few powerful enough to unblock Netflix without bugs or latencies. It is also the VPN capable of unblocking the most Netflix catalog because it allows you to connect to IPs in 94 countries. 

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Step 2: Connect to the server of the country to be unblocked of your choice (US, Canada, UK, Japan, etc.).

Step 3: Log into your Netflix account and enjoy the global catalogs of your choice. Netflix will display the series and films belonging to the country chosen in the previous step.

How Does it Work?

The principle is simple, Netflix uses your IP address to determine your geolocation and display its corresponding catalog. If you are in France, it will only display movies and series available in France, in the same way as if you are in the United States, and it will display US series.

ExpressVPN’s mission is, therefore, to simulate your presence in the United States, Japan, or Canada (for example) so that Netflix can display the series available in these countries.

For this, ExpressVPN provides you with various geolocated servers in more than 94 countries. You can connect to change your IP address to that of the country of your choice.

Once connected to the server, your IP address will change. Netflix will geolocate you in the chosen country and display the series from that country accordingly.

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