Is uTorrent Safe Or Not?

Is uTorrent Safe and Legal? The debate over the legality of uTorrent is one of the oldest online debates because many users are still unsure about using torrent clients like uTorrent.

As a software, using uTorrent on your computer is 100% legal, but the problem occurs when we use uTorrent to torrent downloads.

As long as you Download or Upload content to/from torrents with the owner’s permission, the owner allows the public to download his content via torrent, Downloading and uploading uTorrent is not illegal in any part of the world.

So in short, if you’re using uTorrent to download legal content, the download is uTorrent Safe and legal. The problem occurs only when you try to download paid content for free. 

What is legal and illegal torrenting?

As mentioned above, downloading legal content is safe with uTorrent, but most users use uTorrent to download illegal content. Therefore, it is very important to understand the difference between them. 

Legal torrents are the content that has been uploaded by the original owner of the torrent file or he/she authorizes others to use their content without their consent. You cannot run into problems with downloading such legal content because the owner will never file a complaint against you.

Illegal torrents are those that can be downloaded without the owner’s permission. Generally, these are premium items that are only available in exchange for money. Examples of illegal torrent files include movies, songs, music files, e-books, games, and software.

Initially, you should not have any problems if you download them with uTorrent, but as soon as the owner becomes aware, he or she can sue you and other users for using his content for free without his permission.

Therefore, you should be careful when downloading a torrent file that is not legally allowed to be downloaded or used without the permission of the owner.

The owner will be aware of this via the uTorrent client, which saves the serves the functions of its users. Because the companies pay uTorrent clients to get access to their user’s online activities related to torrent files.

Is uTorrent Safe or not?

The advent of the Internet has unleashed the possibility of transfer information with a single click. One of the most popular methods for such transmission is the peer-to-peer (P2P) computer network.

This format allows the system network to share information without the central server. Each computer can act as both client and server for other PCs or nodes on the network. BitTorrent has long been a leader in this field, uses this P2P file-sharing protocol.

You can share all kinds of digital content – audio, video, data, and much more. But in the world of aggressive hackers and repressive governments, users need to make sure they don’t share more information than they trade for. 

The best solution to use uTorrent safe

VPN is the only way with which you can bypass your torrent privacy. This can be done by purchasing a VPN account from a trusted company, which allows its users to download torrents when they do not have a record of their user’s online activity.

When you browse the web with a VPN, you will be assigned a new identity (thereby masks your original IP address). You must decide which IP address you want to use to browse the Internet.

To download torrents, it is recommended to use a country that has legal torrent download files or has no online privacy laws.

Once you are clear with this VPN concept, the next question you will get is, which VPN should you select? Do all VPN providers offer P2P torrents?

Well, to be honest, Keep in mind that not all VPN providers allow P2P file sharing, so you need to confirm some functionality before purchasing a good VPN provider.

VPNs are generally popular for online browsing because very few VPN companies allow their users to download torrents. This is why it is difficult to find a reliable VPN that allows you to download torrents when you cannot randomly choose a torrent VPN based on the features.

Many things like internet speed, customer support experience, features, and price should be taken into account.

We suggest you with the list of top 5 best and reliable VPNs, 

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Pure VPN
  • IPvanish


Online multimedia content is a great way to fit your needs out but only when you perform responsible torrenting. Mostly P2P sharing is used for downloading illegal content, whether it might be uTorrent or any other tool but it should be safe to use.

However, we still recommend a trusted VPN provider, which helps you to fend off hackers, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. 

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