How To Install ViPER4Android FX App on Android

Are you fond of music and want to make your music listening experience better? Want to tweak your Android Audio or to enhance your Android Audio? If all of your answers are “yes”? You are one of the best places to have different magic blocks. Today we will discuss the best audio equalizer called the Viper4Android FX Magisk module.

V4A allows you to convert Android audio and enhance your Android music listening experience. Download the Viper4Android FX Magisk module and install it with the TWRP application or Magisk Manager.

Features Of Viper4Android

  1. FET Compressor.
  2. Quad – Channel Convolver.
  3. AnalogX.
  4. ViPER – DDC.
  5. Spectrum Extention.
  6. X86 Platform Support.
  7. USB/Dock effect Support.
  8. Speaker Optimization.
  9. Channel Pan.
  10. Differential Surround/Haas effect.
  11. ViPER Clarity.
  12. Headphone Surround+(VHS+).
  13. Auditory System Protection.
  14. Convolver.
  15. FX Compatible Mode(only in 4.x).


In order to install v4a on your device, the following requirements are necessary,

  1. Viper4Android FX
  2. Magisk Manager

Why Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager, an android app that helps you to manage with the Systemless modules and Rooting Privileges. The reason for its popularity is, the Magisk Manager app will allow you to pass through the Google Safetynet check.

Safetynet is the topmost security measure that ensures the device if safe to run the android applications (mostly banking applications). This security is developed by Google to enhance the security on the Android platform. 

By Rooting a device you will lose the warranty along with the Safety Net pass, which turns out the app support for your device. This is where the Magisk Manager app helps you. By enabling the magisk to hide on the app, you will be able to run whatever the application which usually won’t work on rooted devices.

For this, First, you need to install Magisk Manager.

Install Magisk on Android [Non-Rooted Phones]

Step 1: Download the Magisk Manager apk file for the official website.

Step 2: Check whether the zip file in your internal storage. 

Step 3: Reboot your phone into recovery. So make sure that you have a custom recovery such as TWRP is installed on your phone.

Step 4: Now, click on the Install button in the TWRP recovery.


Step 5: Navigate to the app location and install the zip file on your device. It will take some time to get installed on your device, so wait with patience.


Step 6: Once the installation is completed, you have successfully flashed the Magisk Manager on your device.

Step 7: Now, Reboot your phone.

Step 8: After rebooting you will find the app installed on the device. Open it and check whether it works on your device or not.


How To Download and Install Viper4Android Fx via Magisk Manager

Step 1: Open the Magisk Manager app and go to the menu section.


Step 2: Now, click on the download section. Tap on the search bar and search for Viper4Android. It will list out the search results. 

Step 3: From the search result you can select the required version. We suggest using the Viper4Android FX version from the Ahrion as it comes with the Unity Installer. 

Step 4: Click on the Download icon, it will ask for direct installation. 

Step 5: When the download is complete, the Flashing will start automatically. It is the time to set up teh V4A FX.

Step 6: Press the Volume Up key and Again Volume Up key then Volume Down Key for testing Volume Keys.

Step 7: Now, select the required version. Either Material or Original by pressing Volume Buttons. Volume UP = Material and Volume Down = Original.


Step 8: Finally select the driver to be installed. That’s all about the installation and reboot. Once you are done with this you can create your own profile on the app. 


So, that’s all about how to install Viper4Android Fx with the help of Magisk Manager. Start creating your own profile and taste the best Sound quality by tweaking this application. If you have any doubts regarding the installation procedures, kindly comment below. 

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